Visiting rules

Regulations for visiting Herbst Palace Museum during the epidemic

Regulations for visiting Herbst Palace Museum during the epidemic

1. Due to the safety of exhibits and tourists, the total number of visitors in the exhibition halls of the Herbst Palace is limited to 20, namely:

- the number of visitors in the halls on the ground floor is limited to 10, 

- the number of visitors in the halls on the first floor is limited to 10,

2. No more than 15 people can visit Old Masters’ Gallery at the same time.

3. The Department of Education provides information about external guiding services.

4. Educational activities other than guided tours (workshops, lectures, etc.) are conducted exclusively by MPH Department of Education. 

5. No more than 30 people can participate in lectures held in the Ballroom, while keeping social distance.

6. All the information regarding visiting MPH or educational activities is provided only by MPH educators who also register all of the groups.

7. The museum must be visited in accordance with visiting direction; during the visiting, one must follow the instructions and comments given by the members of staff or guides.

8.  From Tuesday to Sunday we are open from 11:00 am until 5:00 pm. On Thursdays the museum is open from 12:00 am until 7:00 pm.

      8.1. The museum is closed on Mondays.

9. On Wednesday, the admission to the museum is free (only permanent exhibitions); the admission to the garden and other educational activities are to be paid. 

10. Visitors are permitted to use photographic and video equipment in the exhibition halls if:

  • it does not disturb tourists and tourists’ movement,

  • it does not damage monuments and museum equipment,

  • it does not cause any harm to other tourists (physical or regarding protection of the personal interests). 

Photographs and video material is not intended for commercial use without the museum’s consent. No flash, other photolighting devices and tripods can be used in the exhibition halls. The museum shall not be held responsible for any infringement of personal interests of tourists and visitors by a third party or for causing any damage to them when taking photos or filming. The museum may prohibit the photographing and filming of artworks which the owner has not consented to.

11. It is not allowed to bring animals into the exhibition halls (excluding guide dogs and assistance dogs for people with disabilities). Nonetheless, it is possible to enter the museum and the garden with a dog while respecting the following rules:

-dogs may only be accompanied by an adult, they must be walked on a leash,

- the owner of the dog takes all responsibility; also for possible damages,

- it is not possible to enter workshops attended by a larger number of visitors; the museum may also restrict admission in other exceptional circumstances,

- it is forbidden to enter the museum with dogs that show aggressive behaviour towards people,

-the owner is obliged to clean up after the dog.

12. It is prohibited to touch the exhibits, sit on the furniture and slide on the floors. 

13. Visitors can use the audioguides with their own headphones or they can purchase disposable headphones at the ticket office.

14. It is prohibited to eat, drink, smoke or use fire in the exhibition halls. 

15. Persons disturbing the order, not complying with these regulations or intoxicated will not be allowed to visit the Museum, without reimbursement of admission.

16. The members of staff do not provide any information; their task is only to supervise the exhibition halls.

17. Any member of MPH staff may refuse admission to visitors displaying possible signs of infection.

18. The right to collect the personal data (name, surname, telephone number, e-mail address) is introduced. The consent of a visitor is required. The purpose of these changes is to notify about a potential contact with an infected person and to assess the risk of exposure to SARS-CoV-2 infection at the sanitary-epidemiological station. The data will be stored for 30 days.

19. These regulations are valid until June 26, 2021.


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